Let's show some love and respect to THE DONE LIST, too

Checking in with what you’re trying to accomplish versus what you actually got DONE on a weekly basis can be a valuable asset for small business owners and solopreneurs.

The Done List is a notebook that provides you with the ability to document a whole quarter’s worth of insights as to what you’re prioritizing and how that’s working for you.
You’ll start your week with a quick check-in on:

  • Your commitments;
  • Your priorities;
  • What you need to be productive;
  • What you need to be present;
  • Any thoughts or ideas you have for the week; and
  • This week’s focus.


Then you’ll end your week with a recap that checks-in on:

  • Your highlights of the week;
  • Where you made progress;
  • What challenges you faced;
  • How you’ll improve and move closer to your goals next week; and
  • Your week’s rankings.


Simple, quick and consistent status updates for 13 weeks is what The Done List offers for you and your productivity.

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